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Crocodile First

Keep All

Genuine crocodile leather travel bag, luxury Keefall model, sewn by skilled craftsmen. Meticulous in every step of making.Place a leather pattern with a scale in the middle of the crocodile's belly on both sides. Lining inside the bag with cowhide for durability.

- Size (type 1) width 19 inches, height 11 inches, thickness 9.5 inches

- Size (type 2) width 17 inches, height 11 inches, thickness 9 inches

Doraemon Chest Bag

Crocodile leather bags in the form of cross body bags and waist belts. Versatile use thanks to the large number of functional pockets. Including a secret compartment hidden inside the bag for hiding or putting personal important things Sewn by skilled craftsmen Pay attention to every sewing skill.

LV Christopher 

Crocodile leather bag for traveling or collecting.

Christopher backpack version A traveler or tourist can perfectly pack essential items or clothes needed for a trip. The design is beautiful and unique, not like other bags. Distinctive with the style of the bag and the color tone tailored according to the style of the user. Sewn by artisans with world-class expertise Size 18×16 inches
Use 5 crocodile belly skins to scale in the middle of the belly.

กระเป๋าคาดอก คาดเอวทรงโดเรม่อน ทำจากหนังจระเข้แท้ ทรงโดเรม่อน
กระเป๋าเดินทาง Keep All หนังจระเข้แท้ KDcrocodile
กระเป๋าเป้สะพายหนัง Christhopher ใช้หนังจระเข้5ตัว ในการตัด 1 ใบ
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